Social Media Marketing for Beginners in 2018

Social Media Marketing for Beginners in 2018

Finding information about social media marketing is not difficult. You will find unlimited numbers of articles dealing with social media marketing online, but one common problem is that most of them are for people who already have some knowledge about it.

Let us keep it very simple and talk to beginners, this time.

Setting Up Business On Social Media

When you set up your business, your aim is generally to make profit. Often, the aim is to have the biggest profit margin, which means that you minimize the costs, etc. In the beginning, because you are a newbie, you even start selling your product at the lowest rate possible in order to attract customers.

Traditionally, there exist many marketing techniques. One of them is advertizing. While you have to spend considerable amounts of money if you want to make an advertisement for your business on TV, advertizing on social media is far less costly, quick and easy. Social media can also be used to sell your product with minor costs.

Professional Advertisement

When you are not online, you need to have a physical presence. Suppose you have created a brand of shoes. If you want to advertise traditionally, you will have to hire people to make a professional ad, you will have to buy or rent shops, in which you will hire staff (salespersons, cleaning staff, etc.).

This is a costly option. Another option would be to sell online. By doing so, you save a lot of the money it takes to rent/buy shops, hire staff, broadcast advertisements etc. The third option is to combine both online and offline marketing.

By keeping a physical presence, along with some online presence, you can achieve great goals. Depending on the nature of your business, one option can be more suitable than another (for a lifestyle coach, having an online presence only is really common nowadays and it is a great choice in terms of money saving).

How to advertise and sell using social media?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., all are excellent ways to maximize profit in business. They allow you to connect to your customers and find customers that may be interested in what you have to sell. It allows you to get publicity without having to stand on a busy crossroads distributing pamphlets. You can enjoy your comfort and get people’s attention at the same time.

Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for example, you can sell your product by sharing URL links to your website or to any other website that sells your product. You save money, get more popular and your business starts flourishing when you take advantage of new technologies. Another considerable advantage of social media is that you have better interaction with your clientele and get cooler.

People like being able to keep updated about their favorite brands on social media because they feel that they are somehow contributing to something when they are given the possibility to comment, to be heard and to interact with the brands they like. They feel that their voice is heard by the brand owners themselves even if their comment is read by staff only.

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